Vijay Baliga

student developer adventurer

Hi There! My name is Vijay

I am a junior at UC Berkeley and I hope to someday use my skills to help create a more liberated, connected community.

Some of my many hobbies include traveling with my family, playing League of Legends with friends, practicing my guitar and watching and critiquing new movies!

For any business inquiries, feel free to contact me below!

My Skills









CP-Fit is a free iOS exercise utility for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Having collaborated with doctors from Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital in Stanford and physical therapists at CCS (California Childrens Services), as well as completing extensive research about the disability, CP-Fit is the final product of 9 facscinating months of work.

Intercontinental Escapes

Looking to get away from your stressful environment to an exotic new paradise? If so, Intercontinental Escapes (ICE) is the vacation planner for you! Built from a semester's hard work for my high school's final Java game project, ICE surveys the user and generates an appropriate vacation spot for them. Pack your bags today!


Do you ever dodge queue or pick Vayne mid because because you don't know who else to play? PickMyChamp is a solution to all your problems: a utility to generate the best choice of champion in a game of League of Legends (LoL). Combining my passions of computer science and league of legends, PickMyChamp was a fun, one week.

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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